Written by Dylan Gerr on April 14, 2013 2 Comments
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The Patriots , are they the clear cut to win the AFC East again? The future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady just keeps getting better and better each year. Wes Welker left the Pats to go play with another hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning, lucky for Wes right? Coach Bill replaced Welker with Danny Amendola, the former Rams slot receiver. Danny averaged about the same amount of numbers Wes did before he came to New England from the Miami Dolphins. The defending AFC east champs are looking to sign Emmanuel Sanders, the restricted free agent from the Steelers. Pittsburgh has until 11:59 tonight to match that or it’s see ya! Is it possible for anyone to challenge them.. Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins had arguably the best free agency in the NFL this year signing Mike Wallace on over a 60 million dollar deal! And the former champ from the Ravens Daniel Ellerbee! It might be to early to celebrate if you’re a Dolphins fan but you can for sure be happy! Miami has always had a top 8 NFL defense, offense is what they need to improve on. Some people think Ryan Tannehill is the answer, he only had one target, Brian Hartline last year. What can the Dolphins do this year? Are they a contender or pretender?

Oh the New York Jets, the laughing stock of the NFL. Remember the “Butt Fumble”?! The Jets lost there TE Dustin Keller to the Miami Dolphins. And what do you know.. getting rid of there best player Revis, classic New York. My guess is I give Rex Ryan 8 weeks and he be canned, looking for another opportunity. Tim Tebow arena football? Haha the rumors people say. And everything that happened last year, it looks like Mark Sanchez will be the starter once again. Are they the worst team in the division though? Maybe not.

The Buffalo Bills started off the offseason getting rid of there starting quarterback who recently got a big deal , Ryan Fitzpatrick. The former IVY league player in college. And Stevie Johnson messing with the Patriots. Stevie recently said “If North Korea has to bomb someone they should hit the Patriots stadium first”. Classic Stevie Johnson. If you’re a Bills fan you should be mad, furious and envious. Want me to bring you back to the Jim Kelly days losing 4 superbowls in a row? Just be happy when you play the Dolphins or Patriots this year you’ll have some T.V. time.

There is no doubt the Patriots are the favorite to win the AFC east , watch out for Miami though. Crazier things have happened!