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Written by Evan Massey, @massey_evan

Massey: Hey man, appreciate the time you’re giving for this interview. Won’t take up any more time than needed. Just type your answers to the questions underneath the question.

Q. At what age did you decide football was the sport for you?

A. I started playing football when I was in the 7th grade. I really didn’t know anything about football because my dad had me playing basketball growing up. But when I start playing football I loved the game.

Q. What would you say to a young football player with a dream to make it to the pros one day?

A. I would tell that young kid to keep striving for his goals and dreams. Don’t ever let anybody tell you what you can’t do, because the bible says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me,” and I’m a firm believer in that scripture. It is one of my favorites because I love when people doubt me. That’s my motivation to go harder everyday.

Q. What would you say that a team would be getting by selecting you in the Draft? What can bring to a team?

A. I would just like to say to an NFL team that decides to draft or sign me that I’m willing to do whatever to make that 53 man roster and contribute to the team. I’m coming in ready to work giving the coaches and team a 110 % on an off the field. I’m coachable, all I need is one opportunity to show them what I can do to compete. I promise you I want let you down.

Q. What is your goal for your NFL career?

A. My goal for my NFL CAREER is to come out ready to compete everyday show the coaches that I’m a play maker perfects craft and learn the game better to lead my team one day to a Super Bowl and be one of the best at my position Lords will.

Q. Do you know any current NFL players?

A. I know a couple of players that are in the NFL by me working out for the combine and pro days this off season. I ran routes and caught passes from Joe Webb who plays for the Minnesota Vikings and worked out with AJ Davis who plays corner for the Saints and my cousin Dwayne White played for the Detriot Lions but he has retired.

Q. What is your personal workout routine to keep yourself prepared and in football shape?

A. I did all my training at this training facility called D1 sports training in Birmingham, Alabama. I work out three hours a day, working on my speed and agility, and then caught jugs on the jug machine, then I hit the weight room and work out legs and upper body. I got to actually work out with Matt Barkley quarterback for USC while I caught the ball for him running routes.

Q. Did you have a favorite NFL team growing up?

A. My favorite team growing up was the Baltimore Ravens.

A. My biggest influence in my life is my father. He pushed me so hard all my life and I thank and respect him for that. Because this made me a better man and person in life he is my mentor and best friend. We worked so hard to get me to this point. So much determination and sacrifice he said that I deserve this and I will make him and my mom proud.

Q. What are your emotions heading into the draft? Nervous? Excited?

A. My emotions heading to this draft it’s only two weeks away it’s just a lot going on in my head just thinking and praying, staying focus and humble. I’m excited though because this will be a new start and page in my life and im ready to make that next step and move to the next level.

Q. How has the entire draft process felt to you?

A. This Draft process taught me a lot that its a business. You can’t be stressed out on it because you can’t stress on something that you don’t have any control over so just make the best of it. It’s now or never, only Gods knows your destiny.

Obviously a very exciting player who ran a 4.3 40, and has some eyes on him heading into the draft. If you’d be interested in giving Philander a follow on Twitter, his username is @Datskegeeboi81 and he’s a very good follow. Thanks for reading!