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There’s a quarterback down in the Minnesota Vikings locker room, so who should they now call? Mark Sanchez.

Tuesday in practice Minnesota Vikings two-year pro quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was taken in by an ambulance to a local hospital. An MRI revealed Bridgewater had torn his ACL and is undergoing season ending injury. Now placed on the injured reserve list, the Vikings will have to go to the next quarterback on their depth chart. The 36-year-old Shaun Hill.

Earlier this offseason Vikings Adrian Peterson said the team had one goal in mind this season. That was winning the Super Bowl.

“If any other guy on this team doesn’t feel that way, then we need to be trading him and bringing somebody else in who feels that way as well,” Peterson said earlier this offseason. “We all know what we’re trying to accomplish, and I feel like we have what it takes to accomplish that.”

With the promising Bridgewater out for the season, the team needs to fill the void at quarterback to give the Vikings a chance to compete for a championship this season. This can be done by bringing in Sanchez, the veteran quarterback with four road playoff wins in the National Football League.

Denver Broncos have reportedly been shopping the quarterback who is now in his eighth season, who once led the New York Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in 2009 and 2010. He also led the NFL in game winning drives the 2010 season.

Sanchez could fit right into Minnesota. He’d have to learn a new system, something he is accustomed to doing. The past six seasons he has been in five different offensive systems. Playing with Super Bowl expectations is something he’s also dealt with playing in the New York media and recently during the publicized quarterback competition for the 2015 defending champions.

This quarterback is a guy that would come in and believe he has a chance to compete for a Super Bowl with the talent surrounding him. If he carries the same attitude that he had when he spoke at his first press conference for the Denver Broncos this past spring, it’s a perfect fit.

“I’m not married, I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t have kids. I just want to play ball and I want to win,” Sanchez said last spring.

If he joins forces with the greatest running back of this millennium and with a team that’s ready to compete for a Super Bowl, this could be a win-win situation for both.